NAOP History



  • Founding of the National Association for Olmsted Parks by resolution at a meeting of parks advocates in Buffalo, NY


  • First NAOP Conference in Boston and Brookline, MA (April)
  • Publication of Volume 2 of The Olmsted Papers “Slavery and the South” (Johns Hopkins Press)


  • Conference in Chicago, IL (June) “Olmsted and the Historic Landscape Revisited and Renewed,” co-sponsored with Chicago Friends of the Parks
  • Founding of Buffalo Friends of Olmsted Parks


  • World Conference on Olmsted Parks (September) in New York City co-sponsored by over 80 organizations
  • 125th Anniversary of Central Park: Publication of Volume 3 of The Olmsted Papers “Creating Central Park”
  • Founding of the Olmsted Parks Society of Atlanta, partly in response to threat to Olmsted-designed suburb Druid Hills from proposed “Presidential Parkway” to Olmsted-designed suburb Druid Hills
  • Founding of the Friends of Fort Tryon Park
  • Founding of Seattle Friends of Olmsted Parks


  • NAOP testifies at Congressional hearing (May/June) on Seiberling bill to develop a National Inventory of Olmsted Parks (“Olmsted Historic Landscapes Act”)
  • Joint meeting in Liverpool, England with Liverpool Congress (July) “Green Towns and Cities UK/USA”
  • Conference in Seattle, WA (September) “Olmsted Parks of the West: The Future of a Tradition,” co-sponsored with Friends of Seattle Parks and Seattle Recreation Department


  • Workshop in Washington, D.C. (October), “Agenda for Action”


  • Conference at the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC (April)
  • Conference in New York City (September) “Olmsted in New York,” co-sponsored by the City of New York Parks and Recreation Department
  • Founding of the Friends of Maryland’s Olmsted Parks and Landscapes
  • Founding of the New York State Association for Olmsted Parks


  • Conference in New Orleans, LA (April)
  • Workshop in Louisville, KY (November), “Mobilizing An Olmsted Constituency,” co-sponsored with Louisville Friends of Olmsted Parks
  • Founding of the Prospect Park Alliance
  • Founding of the Louisville Friends of Olmsted Parks
  • Publication of “The Master List of Design Projects Of The Olmsted Firm, 1857-1950” (also known as the “Green Book”) in conjunction with the Massachusetts Association for Olmsted Parks


  •  Meeting in New Haven, CT (April)


  •  Conference in Baltimore, MD (May) “Reviving the Olmsted Vision: Linking People and Greenspaces”
  • Meeting in Belleview Park, Belleview, NJ
  • Centennial Celebration of Sudbrook, MD
  • Founding of the Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy


  • Tenth Anniversary Conference in Buffalo, NY (May) “A Decade of Parks”
  • Meeting in Corcord, CA. Tour of Yosemite National Park (October), “Centennial Celebration for Yosemite,” in conjunction with the National Park Service
  • Founding of the Maine Olmsted Alliance for Parks and Landscapes


  • Conference in Boston, MA (May) “Held in Trust: 1890’s Legacies, 1990’s Challenges: The Landscape Vision,” co-sponsored with Historic Massachusetts and Massachusetts Historic Commission
  • Conference in Philadelphia, PA (October) “Woodlands in Urban Parks,” co-sponsored with the Fairmount Park Commission
  • Publication of NAOP Workbooks, “Charles Eliot 1859-1897 Held in Trust: Charles Eliot’s Vision for the New England Landscape,” by Keith N. Morgan, and “An Ecosystem Approach to Woodland Management: The Case of Prospect Park,” by Edward Toth


  • Conference in Denver, CO (May) “Making A Visible Difference: An Olmsted Gathering in the Rockies”
  • Publication of NAOP Workbook, “Landscape Composition Preservation Treatment: Defining an Ethic for Designed Landscapes,” by Charles A. Birnbaum, ASLA


  • Conference in Atlanta, GA (April) “Olmsted’s Lasting Legacy in Atlanta”
  • Publication of NAOP Workbook, “Frederick Law Olmsted’s First and Last Suburbs: Riverside and Druid Hills,” by Darlene R. Roth
  • Conference in St. Louis, MI (September) “Reality Check for Our Nation’s Parks,” in conjunction with The National Park Service Historic Landscape Initiative and the National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference


  • Conference at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA
  • Founding of the Montauk (NY) Friends of Olmsted Parks


  • Cooperative Agreement with the National Park Service Historic Landscape Initiative
  • Conference at the Biltmore Estate (April) “Balancing Nature and Culture in Historic Landscapes: A Celebration of Biltmore’s Centennial,” in concert with the National Park Service Historic Landscape Initiative
  • Publication of NAOP Workbook “The Olmsteds at Biltmore: Frederick Law Olmsted, Senior,” by Charles E. Beveridge; “Frederick Law Olmsted, Junior,” by Susan L. Klaus
  • Founding of the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy


  • Conference in Chicago, IL (October) “From Riverside to Sunnyside: Preserving Our Nation’s Historic Communities,” co-sponsored with The National Park Service Historic Landscape Initiative, National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Planning Association


  • Meeting in Washington, D.C. (March)
  • Trustee training meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico (June) “Visions of the Santa Fe Landscape”


  • Meeting in Boston, MA (March) in conjunction with the National Recreation and Park Association
  • Conference in Louisville, KY (October) “Revival of the Olmsted Parks and Parkways of Louisville”


  • Meeting in Kansas City, MO (April) “A Legacy of Design: the Kansas City Park and Boulevard System”
  • Conference in Rochester, NY (October) “Recapturing Waterways in Historic Parks: Rochester’s Olmsted Legacy in a National Context”
  • U.S. Postal Service issues Frederick Law Olmsted stamp, introduced at the American Society of Landscape Architects annual meeting in Boston, the 100th anniversary of professional organization Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., helped found.


  • Trustee training meeting in Atlanta, GA (April)
  • Meeting in Chicago, IL with tours of the parks (November)
  • Founding of Friends of New Jersey Olmsted Parks


  • 20th Anniversary celebration of NAOP in Boston, MA (May)
  • NAOP Strategic Planning meeting in Baltimore, MD (November)


  • NAOP Conference in Newark, NJ (May) “The Olmsted Legacy: Social Consciousness & Environmental Impact,” Hosted by Weequahic Park Association
  • Meeting in Montreal, Canada (September) with Friends of Mount-Royal presented the Parc du Mont-Royal Declaration


  • Conference in Seattle (April/May) “Celebrating Our Olmsted Legacy.” Co-sponsored by Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks and the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Fall board meeting in New York City with Central Park Conservancy
  • Research begun on Olmsted projects on the National Register of Historic Places in cooperation with Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois


  • Spring board meeting in St. Louis, MO (April) with presentation of proclamation to Tower Grove Park
  • Cooperative agreement formed with City Parks Alliance to hire a shared staff in Washington, D.C.
  • Meeting in Louisville, KY (September/October) in conjunction with The National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference
  • Advocacy project underway on 100 parks in 19 states to determine level of implementation of Olmsted plans and to select a candidate for a partnership with NAOP to secure its restoration


  • 25th Anniversary celebration of NAOP in Buffalo, NY (May)/Conference “It Takes A Partnership: Urban Parks In The New Century”/Spring board meeting
  • Educational forum in Washington, D.C. (June) “A Design for Democracy: An Olmsted Vision for the U.S. Capitol Grounds, 1874 - 2005”
  • Trustee meeting in Washington, D.C. (September)


  • Parks Practices Web site launched (January) - a joint initiative of NAOP and CPA
  • Trustee meeting in Chicago, IL (May) with a visit to Riverside
  • Trustee meeting in Denver, CO (September)


  • Trustee meeting in New Orleans (April)
  • Publication of Volume 7 of Olmsted Papers: “Parks, Politics, and Patronage 1874-1882”
  • Trustee meeting in Spokane, WA (September), on the eve of Parks Plan Centennial
  • “Maintaining Historic Urban Parks” Workshop in Washington, D.C. (November) sponsored by the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation in cooperation with NAOP and the National Park Service


  • The 2nd edition of The Master List of Design Projects of the Olmsted Firm 1857-1950 published in April
  • Trustee meeting in New York City (April) during Central Park Conservancy’s celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Olmsted-Vaux Greensward Plan for Central Park; NAOP Greensward Plan Celebration Dinner at the Century Association
  • NAOP is awarded the 2008 ASLA Medal of Excellence (June)
  • Body & Soul: Parks & the Health of Great Cities, International Urban Parks Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, September 21-23, co-sponsored by NAOP, City Parks Alliance and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
  • Trustee meeting in Pittsburgh (September) in conjunction with the conference.


  • Trustee meeting in Washington, DC (March). The NAOP and City Parks Alliance boards agree to end the organizations’ partnership.
  • Trustee meeting in Portland, OR (October) with tours and a reception provided by the Portland Parks & Recreation Department, the Portland Parks Foundation, and Urban Greenspaces Institute
  • Launch of NAOP’s e-newsletter replacing the printed Field News


  • The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) begins work on a Cultural Landscape Report of the Olmsted-designed U.S. Capitol Grounds, inviting NAOP to participate in a review and advisory capacity.
  • Trustee meeting in Boston, MA (May) with tours of Olmsted parks provided by the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, the Town of Brookline, and the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation.
  • Trustee meeting in Washington, DC (September).
  • NAOP participates in ASLA national meeting with a joint tour of the US Capitol Grounds by NAOP, the Architect of the Capitol, and Charles Beveridge (September).
  • NAOP receives a major grant from the state of Washington for GIS-based mapping of Olmsted work in Washington (December).
  • Supplementary Series Volume 2 of the Olmsted Papers delivered to Johns Hopkins University for publication in 2014.


  • NAOP launches a $1.2 million fundraising campaign to complete the 12-volume Olmsted Papers Project by 2015.
  • Trustee Meeting in Washington, DC (March)
  • NAOP launches a new website (April)
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation Annual Conference in Buffalo, NY. NAOP proposes educational tours and sessions on Olmsted’s work in Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
  • Trustee Meeting in Buffalo, NY (October) in conjunction with the National Trust conference, with the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy.