NAOP Partners

NAOP’s research, education, and advocacy programs are made possible by the collaborative program support of many organizations, agencies and individuals who share our mission to promote and preserve the landscape legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted, his sons, and successor firm.

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, National Park Service

Known as Fairsted, the former Olmsted home and office houses the Olmsted Archives, documenting over 6,000 landscape design projects undertaken by the Olmsted firm from the 1850s to 1979. The archives, containing close to 1,000,000 original documents, are an essential resource supporting NAOP’s research, advocacy, and education work, and publications including The Frederick Law Olmsted Papers, and The Master List of Design Project of the Olmsted Firm 1857-1979.

The Frederick Law Olmsted Papers Project

The partnership between NAOP and The Frederick Law Olmsted Papers Project advances our collective efforts to document and raise awareness of the tremendous landscape heritage of Olmsted and his firm. NAOP is the administrative steward of the Olmsted Papers Project, providing fundraising and project management assistance toward the completion of this important 12-volume documentary series of Olmsted’s most significant letters and landscape plans.

Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation

The Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation provides a full range of technical assistance in cultural landscape research, planning, stewardship, and education. Founded at the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, the Olmsted Center perpetuates the traditions of the Olmsted Offices and Frederick Law Olmsted Sr.'s lifelong commitment to people, parks, and public spaces.

Friends of Fairsted

The Friends of Fairsted works cooperatively with the National Park Service to benefit and support Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site and its mission: to preserve and interpret “historic structures, grounds, and collections associated with the professional design office of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr. and the Olmsted firm.”  A Friends of Fairsted grant program supports publications and programs that advance the knowledge and appreciation of the Olmsted legacy. For more information, see the grant program guidelines. Friends of Fairsted offers the Charles E. Beveridge Research Fellowship, honoring the renowned scholar and editor of The Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted. For more information, see the Friends of Fairsted website.

Friends of McMillan Park

McMillan Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., served the citizens of Washington D.C. as a grand central park from 1913 until the beginning of World War II, when the Park was closed to the public to protect the slow sand filtration water purification system that lies beneath its surface from the threat of enemy sabotage. In 1986, the US Army Corps of Engineers decommissioned the water filtration system and sold a 25-acre parcel of historic McMillan Park to the District of Columbia government.

The District Government is now considering commercially developing the site. Friends of McMillan Park is educating the public and the government about McMillan Park's rich history and enormous potential, with the intention of revitalizing this vast open public space and identifying creative reuses for its magnificent vaulted underground water filtration caverns. Our mission is to preserve, restore, and transform historic McMillan Park for the benefit of the people. Please visit the Friends of McMillan Park websitefor additional information. McMillan Park is a District of Columbia Historic Landmark and is listed on theNational Register of Historic Places.

The Cultural Landscape Foundation

The Cultural Landscape Foundation is the only not-for-profit foundation in America dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness of the importance and irreplaceable legacy of cultural landscapes. Through education, technical assistance, and outreach, the Cultural Landscape Foundation broadens the support and understanding for cultural landscapes nationwide in hopes of saving our priceless heritage for future generations.

Library of American Landscape History

The mission of the Library of American Landscape History is to foster understanding of the fine art of landscape architecture and appreciation for North America’s richly varied landscape heritage through LALH books, exhibitions, and online resources. Founded in 1992, LALH is the only nonprofit organization in the world devoted to publishing in the field of American landscape history. LALH books are informative, engaging, and priced affordably, thanks to the generous gifts of our supporters. LALH texts are written by leading historians in the field. Richly illustrated, they appeal to general readers as well as specialists. LALH touring exhibitions reach large and diverse audiences in museums, galleries, and botanical gardens across the continent. LALH documentary films are posted on the LALH website and other Internet sites.

U.S. Capitol Historical Society

NAOP closely works with the U.S. Capitol Historical Society (USCHS) in providing information and public guided tours of the U.S. Capitol Grounds, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1874.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The NAOP website has been funded in part by a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation through the Dorothea de Schweinitz Preservation Fund for Washington, DC.