Author: Max Ellinger

Olmsted & the Olmsted Firm

Women and the Olmsted firm   

Learn more about the women behind the Olmsted firm.
Landscape Architecture & Design

A Combination of Frederick Law Olmsted and Leland Stanford’s Minds

Learn more about the design of the Stanford University in the late 19th Century.
Life & Times

John Charles Olmsted: Landscape Architect, Planner (1852–1920)

In this reprinted article, learn about Frederick Law Olmsted's adopted son, John Charles Olmsted.
In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Joan Bozer

Remembering Joan Bozer (1928-2023) and the vital role she played in protecting Olmsted's work and legacy.

Spotlight on… Terwilliger Parkway

Terwilliger Parkway in Portland, OR, was envisioned by John C. Olmsted at the turn of the 20th century.
Olmsted in the Arts

The Heyday of Visual Art in Prospect

A look at visual art exhibits in Prospect Park from 1984 to 1994.
In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Rudy Favretti and Sharon Casdin

Rudy Favretti and Sharon Casdin both committed themselves to furthering Olmsted's work and legacy.
Olmsted & the Olmsted Firm

Spotlight on… Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

In the nearly one hundred years the Olmsted Firm was active in Brookline, Massachusetts, no other firm in the country was comparable in number of employees, size of space, or scale of organization. Fairsted, now known as the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, held the firm’s offices.
Charles E. Beveridge

The Olmsted Firm— An Introduction

In this reprinted article, Charles E. Beveridge walks us through the evolution of the Olmsted firm.
Personal Reflections

Fred and Me: Love is strange

Author Sara Benincasa writes about her love for Frederick Law Olmsted.
Landscape Architecture & Design

The design principles of Frederick Law Olmsted in light of recent psychological research

John Olmsted explores Frederick Law Olmsted's design principles through a psychological lens.
Olmsted & Friends Interviews

Olmsted and Friends: Meet Betsy Shure Gross 

Meet Betsy Shure Gross, a member of our Olmsted 200 Honorary Committee!

Spotlight on…Gray Gardens

Learn about Gray Gardens in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Conservation & Advocacy

Franklin Park Action Plan: Restoring Olmsted’s Forgotten Haven

Franklin Park, a neglected park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted as part of Boston’s famed Emerald Necklace, sees a comprehensive action plan after a three-year planning process.

Spotlight on…Mountain View Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, CA, was an early Olmsted design.