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Dept. of Homeland Security Designates Landscape Architecture a S.T.E.M. Discipline

The designation recognizes the high degree of science, technology, engineering and mathematics course work required in landscape architecture collegiate programs.
Field Notes

Lake Wales Heritage Plants Trees & Inspires Students

Located in the heart of Florida, Lake Wales has a rich Olmsted history. Lake Wales Heritage, the local conservancy, intends to bring FLO Jr.’s vision for the landscape back to life— all while introducing local students to landscape architecture.
Field Notes

Seaside Park’s Gateway Trail Opens

Just in time for the summer season, Seaside Park’s long-awaited “park within a park” opens up in Bridgeport, CT.
Olmsted & the Olmsted Firm

Alabama’s Olmsted Legacy 

Exploring the Olmsted Brothers impact on Birmingham, AL.
Personal Reflections

Walking in the Footsteps of Giants

Olmsted relative and landscape architect Susan Olmsted recounts the magic of walking in her ancestor’s footsteps as she helps restore California’s Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias for future generations.
Landscape Architecture & Design

Olmsted “Paints With Lakes”

Author Justin Martin reflects on Frederick Law Olmsted's legacy for American Heritage Magazine in Volume 68, Issue 4.
Conservation & Advocacy

FLO Honored on Capitol Hill with Tree Dedication Ceremony

Recently, Congress planted a Kentucky coffeetree to memorialize Frederick Law Olmsted's powerful impact on the U.S. Capitol Grounds and America's physical and social fabric.

Spotlight on…Central Park

Explore the landscapes of Olmsted and Vaux's iconic Central Park in New York City.
Landscape Architecture & Design

Watch: Conference on Olmsted Campus Design 

Frederick Law Olmsted and the Olmsted firm had an outsized influence on campus design, undertaking more than 400 commissions over a period of 100 years. In 2021, experts and practitioners examined this fertile field in a national conference recorded on C-SPAN.
Charles E. Beveridge

Frederick Law Olmsted: The Seven S’s of Olmsted Design

In this republished article by Charles Beveridge, we explore the seven key principles that shaped Olmsted’s work.
Charles E. Beveridge

Frederick Law Olmsted: His Design Principles

In this republished article, Charles Beveridge explores how Olmsted's design principles continue to serve as a blueprint for landscape architects today.
Landscape Architecture & Design

A Combination of Frederick Law Olmsted and Leland Stanford’s Minds

Learn more about the design of the Stanford University in the late 19th Century.
Landscape Architecture & Design

The design principles of Frederick Law Olmsted in light of recent psychological research

John Olmsted explores Frederick Law Olmsted's design principles through a psychological lens.
Conservation & Advocacy

Franklin Park Action Plan: Restoring Olmsted’s Forgotten Haven

Franklin Park, a neglected park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted as part of Boston’s famed Emerald Necklace, sees a comprehensive action plan after a three-year planning process.
Conservation & Advocacy

Bicentennial Investments

Olmsted 200 has inspired a renewal of interest in Olmsted parks and places— and the principles behind them. This post showcases a sampling of the many magnificent investments that dedicated communities are making in their landscapes across the country.