Olmsted, the master designer of public parks and a founder of the field of landscape architecture. Join historian and filmmaker Laurence Cotton for a deep dive into the remarkable life and career of Renaissance-man Olmsted — writer, philosopher, social reformer, advocate for the preservation of natural scenery, and creator of some of the most beautiful public and private parks and gardens in North America. In his presentation, Cotton will talk about the design traditions, aesthetics, and philosophies that influenced Olmsted — including English garden design, the Hudson River School, and Transcendentalism. He will emphasize Olmsted’s remarkable career as a writer and the worldwide influence of his publications on the antebellum South and the institution of slavery. Finally, Cotton will give a visual tour of representative landscapes across North American designed by Olmsted, his two sons, and the Olmsted Bros. landscape architecture firm, with a focus on the West Coast and particularly John Charles Olmsted’s legacy in the Pacific Northwest.