Join Oracle-award winning storyteller Diane Edgecomb and Celtic harper Margot Chamberlain for an enchanting evening of ancient myths and folk songs from around the world. This celebration of the unique place that trees hold in our hearts and lives was designed especially for Boston’s favorite tree sanctuary, the Arnold Arboretum, this Summer Solstice event takes the audience on a two-hour journey through the landscape with story and music performances at some of the Arboretum’s loveliest spots.

Evocative stories from Japan, Australia, Russia, Britain and Native America celebrate cherry, evergreen and ash groves with the evening culminating in the haunting Czech legend “The Wild Woman of the Birch Grove” told among the birches at sunset.

This annual event is designed for adults who can navigate an approximately two-mile journey on and off trails. The terrain is sometimes uneven and/or hilly so participants should be prepared for that. There are no dogs allowed and the performance is suggested for adults. Because of the length of the walk and the depth of the tales, the performance is not appropriate for children under 11. Bring a cushion to sit on for the performance stops if you wish. In case of rain, the audience will be notified by email of cancellation of the live event. Access to the “Sacred Groves” video performance will be offered as a substitute for a reduced rate for those who wish.

Presented by Living Myth Events in collaboration with Olmsted2022, the year of the 200th birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect and visionary. Some tickets reserved as “pay what you can” for those in need. Read more about Olmsted’s vision for Boston’s Arnold Arboretum here: