This event is part of Trinity College’s “Olmsted’s Brain: Discovering Health in Urban Places and Wild Spaces” series.  All events in the series are open to the public. These events are hosted over Zoom.

Featuring Dennis Liu Vice President of Education, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation.

E.O. Wilson is strongly associated with the term Biophilia, the notion that we- as a species that evolved on earth- have an innate interest in organisms and living processes. We are part of nature. We love nature. And yet, we are in the midst of an intense extinction crisis across the many scales of biodiversity. Dr Liu will explore ways in which the scientific approach can complement and harmonize with the informal ways that diverse people interact with and respond to nature. A mantra of the Half-Earth Project is to leave no species behind. But “species” is a human statistical construct, an abstract population of living things. Can big data and digital tools like the Half-Earth Map ( help people to love and save “statistical” creatures as an expression of biophilia?