Central Park in New York was the forerunner of urban public parks throughout the world. It was Frederick Law Olmsted who first discussed the need for this park and who led the way to its realization. This year marks the 200th anniversary of his birth, and 2023 will mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of park legislation in Japan.
In this symposium, we would like to introduce the current state of Central Park, along with the achievements of Olmsted, who is little known in Japan, to the people of Tokyo. While reviewing the formation of public parks in Tokyo, including Hibiya Park, which is regarded as “Tokyo’s Central Park,” we will reexamine the great role of the city’s parks and greenery and envision their future with Tokyo citizens.

Opening remarks by the organizer
Keynote address by Sara Cedar Miller
Panel discussion by Japanese discussants

[Keynote Speaker]
Sara Cedar Miller (Central Park Conservancy Historian Emerita)

[Japanese Discussants]
Takashi Awano (Garden Historian / Tokyo University of Agriculture)
Hajime Ishikawa (Landscape Architect / Keio University)
Ryosuke Kondo (Landscape Historian / Tokyo University of the Arts)