April 26 will be the 199th birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted, whose Brookline firm designed parks in Boston and beyond for our shared use, shared health and shared power. Olmsted’s vision — to make public open space better for all — grows more historically significant and more urgent every day. 2022 will not only bring Olmsted’s bicentennial, but also OUR opportunity to actively shape a shared vision for a more equitable, verdant and vibrant city.

As organizers of Olmsted Now: Greater Boston’s Olmsted Bicentennial, the Olmsted National Historic Site (steward of his Brookline firm), the Emerald Necklace Conservancy (steward of his park system across Boston) and our growing coalition of over 50 partners join in welcoming YOU to this virtual Community Open House.

Learn more about Olmsted’s public work — spanning journalism and abolition, public health and emergency relief, urban planning and natural preservation against privatization — and why, 200 years later, Greater Boston and other cities around the country will host initiatives that reanimate Olmsted’s ideals. Hear about our values and goals for Olmsted Now, meet our amazing partners, share your park stories and ideas, discover great resources, upcoming events and many ways to get involved!