British landscape architect and historian John Phibbs, MBE will help us retrace Frederick Law Olmsted’s footsteps in England on this brisk virtual tour and program. This lecture is offered by the National Association for Olmsted Parks in conjunction with a special tour scheduled for May 14 – May 21, 2023, to be led by Mr. Phibbs and managed by UK-based Inspiration Events. The tour will include visits to Birkenhead Park, Chatsworth, Knowsley, Charlecote, and Hagley Hall.   

Olmsted drew inspiration from his exploration of Europe and Britain, and the landscape style of the English tradition particularly affected his understanding of design. He took from his travels not only the delight in nature that is so much a part of 18th century English landscape but also its didactic and philanthropic role in ameliorating the lives of ordinary people in the new industrial cities. He documented these experiences in his first book, Walks and Talks of an American Farmer in England, which will serve as the Baedeker for this very special offering.   

You won’t want to miss this lecture or the following tour! Learn more about the May 14-21 tour by clicking here.

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