Join The Olana Partnership and Partners for Climate Action to learn more about how scientific thinking in the 19th century connects to our own contemporary climate crisis. One of the treasures in Frederic Church’s family library at his home in the Hudson Valley, Olana, is a first edition of “Man and Nature,” the landmark treatise by George Perkins Marsh, considered by scholars to be America’s first environmentalist. Marsh was prophetic in his observations on the decline of our ecosystem and Church understood how farm and forest environments within Olana played a role in the larger ecosystem of the Hudson Valley. During this outdoor walking tour, Partners for Climate Action will connect the thinking of Marsh, Church, and other 19th Century contemporaries like Olmsted to actions being made today to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

This program is part of “Environmentalists on Olana,” a series designed to allow participants to explore Olana State Historic Site through a diverse set of topics and viewpoints and consider Olana’s history and current legacy through the intersections of art and environmentalism. To learn more, visit