This event is part of Trinity College’s “Olmsted’s Brain: Discovering Health in Urban Places and Wild Spaces” series.  All events in the series are open to the public. These events are hosted over Zoom.

Featuring Michael Kellett, Executive Director at RESTORE: The North Woods

The National Park System is open to everyone and helps fight climate change, prevent the loss of wildlife species, and provide vital public green space. In 2021, after a year of pandemic restrictions, record numbers of people flocked to America’s national parks. Yet, we have barely increased parkland acreage since the 1990s, and our existing parks are underfunded and often crowded. America’s national parks are a haven for native wildlife, clean air and water, geological wonders, intact ecosystems, and historic sites. They are also engines of economic activity and sources of local and national pride. Given the value of national parks to individual and community well-being, as well as their importance to our national heritage, adding new national park units and expanding many other areas can help to fully protect the values for which they were established.