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Personal Reflections

Retracing Olmsted’s Footsteps

Olmsted Network President & CEO Dede Petri recounts the trip of a lifetime, retracing Frederick Law Olmsted's footsteps in England with John Phibbs, Gilly Kitching and 12 intrepid Olmsted pilgrims. Olmsted’s first book and delightful travelogue, Walks and Talks of an American Farmer in England, provides the backdrop for these observations.
Charles E. Beveridge

Frederick Law Olmsted Sr.

Landscape Architect, Author, Conservationist (1822–1903)
Charles E. Beveridge

Frederick Law Olmsted: His Essential Theory

In this republished article by Charles Beveridge, learn how Olmsted's ideas had their basis in the experiences and influences of his youth.
Olmsted & the Olmsted Firm

Women and the Olmsted firm   

Learn more about the women behind the Olmsted firm.
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John Charles Olmsted: Landscape Architect, Planner (1852–1920)

In this reprinted article, learn about Frederick Law Olmsted's adopted son, John Charles Olmsted.
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National Exhibit Debuts – Frederick Law Olmsted: Landscapes for the Public Good

Life & Times

The American Farmer’s visit to the People’s Garden

Conservation & Advocacy

The Olmsteds and the Foundation of the National Park Service

Equity & Inclusion

Explore: Olmsted’s Crusade Against Slavery

In addition to writing about the scourge of slavery, Olmsted was a fierce advocate for abolition and an early supporter of equal rights for Blacks in America.
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Olmsted: The Scientific Farmer on Staten Island

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Slideshow: A Timeline of the Life of Frederick Law Olmsted

From author to park maker to magazine editor and more, take a tour through the life of a great American innovator.