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Scores of Olmsted landscapes can still be enjoyed— coast to coast— from New York’s Central Park and the U.S. Capitol Grounds to Seattle’s Volunteer Park and California's Palos Verdes. Find an Olmsted landscape and get to know this vital part of America’s cultural heritage.

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Explore some of the most iconic Olmsted parks and places across the country.

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Yosemite National Park

National Park Service

Father of America’s National Parks

Olmsted laid the philosophical foundation for the creation of our national parks. Since 1916, the U.S. National Park Service has be entrusted with the care and preservation of America's national parks. Today, they cover more than 84 million acres and welcome more than 318 million visitors every year.

Olmsted Network

The Olmsted Network aims to lift up Olmsted principles worldwide in service to thriving communities, mental and physical wellbeing and ecological health. Alongside our network of partners, we work to protect and preserve historic Olmsted landscapes.

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We take parks for granted, but before Frederick Law Olmsted, most parks were private property. Thanks to him, there are now thousands of parks across the country. As you travel to Olmsted parks and places, snap a photo to share with us on social media.