For Partners

The Olmsted Network is the leading organization dedicated to championing Olmsted parks, places and principles nationwide. We convene and support the people and organizations who are dedicated to Olmsted ideals.

The Olmsted network “is truly the most significant voice in the nation for Olmsted values, principles and practices.”

—Susan Rademacher Executive Director, River Heritage Conservancy


The Olmsted Network is made up of hundreds of conservancies, friends groups and interested individuals. By joining our group of partners and professionals, you’ll have opportunities to share expertise and experiences and access countless resources to help your organization grow and succeed.


Open Exchange

These monthly meetings provide an opportunity for your organization to network with like-minded groups. During these meetings, Olmsted Network staff offer remarks and share opportunities and resources. Meetings often include expert presentations on timely topics and include reports from the field, where you’ll have the chance to brainstorm with others who may be facing similar concerns or challenges.

Between Open Exchange Meetings, you can connect with us and other partners on LinkedIn in a private group. We encourage everyone to follow us on LinkedIn— and on our other social media pages— to ask questions, post ideas and articles and more.

Annual Conference

Partners are invited to participate in our annual conferences— located in Olmsted-rich cities around the country. These conferences typically last two to three days and offer expert panels and insider-only tours, designed to provide you with information that can help you in your work. We welcome suggestions for program topics as we advance thought leadership and application of Olmsted principles.


Expert Speakers

Looking for an expert speaker? Our team can often present at virtual and in-person events and meetings. On the flip side, we aim to identify and showcase experts in our Conversations with Olmsted programming, as well as partners with “boots on the ground” experience in implementing Olmsted’s principles.

Big Head Fred

Big Head Fred can visit you! The 7-foot-tall caricature of FLO was born from the combined talents of illustrator David Lee Csicsko and puppet-maker Randy Carfagno for Olmsted 200. If you’d like to request Big Head Fred for an event in your city, please reach out to us at for more information.

National Calendar of Events

Let us amplify your events! If you have an event coming up (like a program or annual meeting), please add it to our national calendar so that we can help promote it. Conversely, we hope you’ll join us for our Conversations with Olmsted webinars, conferences and more.

Are you a proud partner of the Olmsted Network? Add this logo to your website and other materials.



Check out our Olmsted Action page to see how we’ve assisted with efforts in the past, and visit our advocacy toolkit for instructions on how to form a friends group, write letters to government officials and more.

Annually, we recognize extraordinary dedication to Olmsted parks and landscapes through our national Stewardship and Volunteer Service Awards. We hope you will consider nominating outstanding friends and volunteers who are eligible for this important recognition.

Olmsted Trail

Members have first dibs when it comes to showcasing their landscapes on the Olmsted Trail. This new map links to parks and places designed by Olmsted and his successors and is designed to draw attention to the landscapes you oversee.

We would like all our partners to be featured in our partnership directory! With your help, we can create a directory page for your organization and drive traffic back to your website.


We are always sourcing photos of Olmsted landscapes for our newsletters, press kits, social media posts and more. We encourage you to send photos to so that you and your organization can be featured in our materials.


Whether you’d like to announce an exciting project or discuss an advocacy issue, consider our newsletter open to you! We regularly source content from our partners for our Shared Spaces blog and the “Field Notes” section of our monthly Olmsted Insider newsletter. We are able to provide content for your websites or newsletters. Reach out to with story ideas.


Frederick Law Olmsted: Landscapes for the Public Good is a downloadable exhibit with 23 panels of vivid photos, drawings and text. Designed for Olmsted 200 by Dr. Caroline Mesrobian Hickman of the University of Maryland and the Oak Spring Garden Foundation, it explores the many facets of Olmsted’s life and legacy. The exhibit is timeless and can be easily added to your website— or downloaded and printed to create an eye-catching physical display.