Boating is a time-honored pastime in Central Park.


Enhanced sense of space, indefinite boundaries, constant opening of new views. Avoidance of formalized planting and decorative structures.


Respect for natural scenery and topography; full utilization of the “genius of the place.”


Specific styles for a particular effect. Pastoral — open greenspace, small bodies of water and scattered trees to soothe the eye and restore the spirit. Picturesque — profuse planting, especially with shrubs, creepers and ground cover, on steep and broken terrain, to convey the richness of nature, effects of light and shade and a sense of mystery.


Subordination of all elements, features and objects, to the overall design and effect. “Art to conceal Art.”


Separation of space for different purposes to ensure safety and reduce distractions.


Provision for drainage and other engineering considerations. Incorporation of features to promote users’ physical and mental health.


Attention to fundamental social and psychological needs.”So long as considerations of utility are neglected or overridden by considerations of ornament, there will be no true Art.”