Carillon bells

In 2021, the National Association for Olmsted Parks announced the sponsorship of Inspired by Olmsted, a carillon composition competition designed to celebrate Olmsted’s legacy. 

For centuries, bell towers were used to communicate— by sounding the hour or alerting to some emergency. These architectural elements have often been a focus for public spaces and many are located within Olmsted landscapes. Some house carillons, musical instruments of at least 23 bronze bells played by a musician from a keyboard. 

Inspired by Olmsted aims to enliven these “concert halls” with original compositions created with the life and legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted in mind.

Today, and after months of deliberation by our distinguished panel of judges, NAOP and Olmsted 200 are pleased to share the winners of the competition through a press release and the winning pieces through a musical booklet

The winners:

  • First Prize: Geert D’hollander of Winter Haven, Fla., for “Four Miniatures: 1. Spring Flowers at the U.S. Capitol Grounds; 2. The Reflection Pond at Bok Tower; 3. A Court Dance at the Biltmore Gardens; 4. Central Park in the Fall”
  • Second Prize: Peter Paul Olejar of Raleigh, N.C., for “Four Olmsted Landscapes.”
  • Third Prize (tie): Joey Brink of Chicago, Ill., for “beneath a canopy of trees” and Ellen Dickinson of Wilton, Conn., for “Oasis in the City: Change Rings Through.”
  • Honorable Mention: Tom Gurin of Raleigh, N.C., for “Concealed Design.”

Planned concerts include the following; others will continue to be added to the schedule at