Deepdene from Olmsted Linear Parks Alliance

Olmsted Linear Park Alliance— charged with caring for the greenway running along Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta (Job No. 00071)— is fighting the common but challenging issue of stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff causes erosion that can devastate park infrastructures such as walking paths and plant beds. 

To deal with the impacts, OLPA’s board of directors recently approved a playground and path repair project to address the issue. The project is in its early stages, with plans to publish designs and reports throughout its duration. OLPA hopes to complete repairs by August 2023. 

As efforts come together, OLPA is working alongside many community partners— the City of Atlanta Parks & Recreation Department, Park Pride, OLPA Constituents, The Imlay Foundation, The Waterfall Foundation, Councilmember Alex Wan, and former Council Member Jennifer Ide— to actualize the project and move it forward. 

As we all know, it takes a village! OLPA is very excited to be working with so many partners and to see this initiative move forward. The park is the heart of Druid Hills, so these renovations are vital to enhancing our visitor’s experience.

Stormwater erosion is just one of the ongoing issues that OLPA faces. The organization continues to partner with DeKalb County Parks & Recreation to find suitable solutions for stream restorations and trail maintenance as well. The organization also works alongside the Georgia Audubon Society to remove invasive plant material and install native species. 

In the spirit of improvement, OLPA will install new signage around Deepdene later this fall, hoping to provide more context and a nicer experience for their many visitors.