Carlton Street Footbridge by W. Smith

After pausing site work over the winter, construction on the Carlton Street Footbridge in Brookline, Mass. is anticipated to resume in early April, pending the delivery of necessary ramp materials. 

Although the bridge was expected to be completed by Spring 2022, the projected project end date has been moved back to the Fall due to outside factors. Since the installation of the footbridge will greatly impact local public transit, the city hopes to piggy-back the project with other needed repair work. 

Regardless, progress has been made. The concrete stairways and concrete bridge bases, which use 310 cubic yards of cement and support over 200 feet of metal ramp, are nearly complete. This will enable full, unobstructed access to Riverway Park.

In Coventry, RI, truss restoration is underway. The steel trusses for the bridge and stairways have been welded and sandblasted. They are currently being tested. 

We plan to report on the final stages of construction in our next issue, coming October 2022.

The National Association for Olmsted Parks has previously reported on the Carlton Street Footbridge. To read about the history of the bridge and additional project details, please read our post from the October 2021 issue of Field Notes:

This article first appeared in the April 1, 2022, issue of Field Notes by the National Association for Olmsted Parks.