The Bow Bridge under maintenance in November 2023. Photo courtesy of Central Park Conservancy.

Last fall, Bow Bridge—a celebrated landmark and one of the most popular and heavily visited locations in Central Park—underwent maintenance and repair work before reopening to the public earlier this year. 

The Central Park Conservancy, the non-profit organization tasked with managing and caring for Central Park, closed the bridge for repairs in late November to restore it due to the immense wear-and-tear it receives from the public. The Conservancy upgraded the bridge with sturdier wood and reinforced the supporting beams beneath the deck, safeguarding the beauty and durability of this renowned structure.  

Completed replacement of bridge’s wood decking. Photo courtesy of Central Park Conservancy.

The Conservancy undertook an extensive repair process, including:   

  • Researching historic photographs to identify the number of planks and decking size for the Bridge floor, which was originally constructed in 1862;
  • Replacing the existing decking with new wood that is harder and has greater durability; and 
  • Mechanically scraping and painting several beams under the deck to stabilize and protect them from future corrosion.