Arnold Arboretum

Since 1872, the Arboretum has served the public as an essential green space in the City of Boston, connecting people with nature and one another. Located on 281 acres in the heart of Boston, the Arboretum stewards one of the world’s most comprehensive and best-documented collections of temperate woody plants. Free and open every day, this jewel in the Emerald Necklace park system was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and engages the public through educational opportunities and programs for all ages. 

The Arboretum’s vision as a 21st-century Arboretum centers around two goals: 1) renewing the public promise of environmental equity in the landscape through democratic access and inclusion; and 2) conserving the landscape by combating climate change and extinction.


    Rose Lincoln

    Jon Hetman

    Rose Lincoln


The Olmsted Network

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