Friends of Rahway River Parkway

By Mary Humphries

The Friends of Rahway River Parkway, founded in 2016, is a non-profit organization run by dedicated volunteers who are committed to preserving, restoring, and rehabilitating the Rahway River Parkway. The group is focused on advocating for the parkway’s conservation in accordance with the Olmsted design principles that were originally used to create it.

The Friends of Rahway River Parkway also strives to promote public enjoyment of the parkway’s fifteen parks and parklands, which are located along the picturesque banks of the Rahway River. By organizing events and activities, as well as collaborating with local communities and stakeholders, the organization is working to create a vibrant and sustainable public space that can be enjoyed by all. Overall, the Friends of Rahway River Parkway is an important partner in protecting and enhancing natural areas in the region.


    Jackson's Fall by David Williams

    By Diane Metz


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