The Laurel Hill Association

The oldest village improvement society in the United States, the Laurel Hill Association was founded in 1853 by Mary Hopkins Goodrich. The mission of the organization is to serve and improve the quality of life and of the environment in the town of Stockbridge. Currently they are the steward of 500 acres of trails, forest and parkland.

Laurel Hill is located in the heart of the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Over 40 projects were completed by Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. and Olmsted Bros in this region. Laurel Hill shepherds 50 acres of trails, hillsides, forests, and parklands. Laurel Hill is an active partner in helping facilitate the acquisition of land in Stockbridge. A recent calculation concluded that these lands provide a ‘carbon sink’ which captures the carbon emissions of 116 homes!


    Rostrum designed by Daniel Chester French


The Olmsted Network

Our organization works with partners across the globe to champion Olmsted parks and places.