Girl Scout Daisy Troop 60140 tours Highland Park in Rochester, NY in honor of Olmsted’s 200th birthday.

At our troop meeting on April 20, Girl Scout Daisy Troop 60140 learned about the life and work of Frederick Law Olmsted ahead of our upcoming tour of Rochester’s Highland Park.

The meeting included illustrative storyboards, showing the different facets of Olmsted’s life. The girls also learned about Leave No Trace principles and made a mini first aid kit.

On April 30, the girls and their accompanying adults were taken on a wonderful park tour of Highland Park. The tour was led by Mark Quinn, Superintendent of Horticulture for the Monroe County Parks. The troop learned about the park’s design and plant collections, climbed on and through the Katsura tree that so many kids have loved over the years, and toured the historic Lamberton Conservatory.  While in the park that day, we were able to work on Daisy Art in Nature badges and our Leave No Trace concepts, including a nature scavenger hunt. The girls and parents enjoyed their Olmsted200 celebration!

The information collected about Frederick Law Olmsted in preparation for our celebration— much of which came from the Olmsted 200 website— was submitted to the Girl Scouts of Western New York (GSWNY) council and has been used in the creation of a Council’s Own Patch. This patch program is available to all Girl Scouts. See details here. More information can be supplied by Girl Scouts of Western New York at