There are many faces of Frederick Law Olmsted.

And now we are pleased to introduce the “Olmsted 200 Olmsted” — whose modern feel and vibe are in keeping with the spirit of this bicentennial celebration, marking Olmsted’s birth in 1822.

As we like to say, Olmsted 200 is no sepia-toned celebration.

We are looking to the future and how Olmsted’s visionary ideas and designs can help address modern challenges. And that is why we are so pleased to depict Olmsted through this lively drawing, which truly captures the multi-faceted nature of Olmsted the man, landscape architect and social reformer.

We are also pleased to introduce the artist who so aptly captured Olmsted: David Lee Csicsko.

Photo Credit: Ann Latinovich

David (photo by Ann Latinovich) lives in an Olmsted-rich area, Chicago, not too far from Jackson Park and the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition site, which Olmsted designed.

He is an American artist who makes portraits, large-scale public works and illustrated books. He Illustrated the popular children’s book, The Skin You Live In, by Michael Tyler, now in its 13th printing, and recently translated into French and Spanish.

Mr. Csicsko is a big fan of parks and the outdoors. And we at Olmsted 200 are a big fan of his!