Long before the medical community caught on, Frederick Law Olmsted understood that human contact with nature could advance mental and physical well-being. Medical science and academic research are now catching up as this series of YouTube seminars, produced and hosted by Trinity professor Susan Masino, makes clear. Masino, Vernon D. Roosa Professor of Applied Science with a joint appointment in Neuroscience and Psychology at Trinity College, brought Olmsted’s health perspective to bear on modern challenges in a series called “Olmsted’s Brain: Discovering Health in Urban Places and Wild Spaces” series. All events in the series were open to the public and hosted over zoom. They are now available on YouTube here:

Histories of the Nature Cure: The Therapeutic Power of Gardens, Camping and Parks— Mary Mahoney and Susan Masino

Shintin-yoku: From Science to Literature to Culture – Dr. Joan Maloof 

Leave No Species Behind: Saving Nature and Ourselves – Dennis Liu

It’s All Interconnected: Nature Contact Today, Planetary Health Tomorrow – Linda Powers Tomasso 

Why We Need More National Parks—Michael Kellett