Author: Dede Petri

Conservation & Advocacy

Restoration on Prospect Park’s Endale Arch

Each month, Olmsted Network members meet to share experiences and learn from each other. This zoom presentation detailed the exciting restoration and re-opening of Prospect Park’s Endale Arch.
Olmsted 200

Trinity College Professor Studies Olmsted’s Brain

During Olmsted 200, Trinity College sponsored an online lecture series called, "Olmsted’s Brain: Discovering Health in Urban Places and Wild Spaces.
Olmsted in the Arts

Washington Park Camera Club Produces South Park Then and Now 

With the assistance of the Hyde Park Historical Society and the Terra Foundation, the Washington Park Camera Club produced a memorable bicentennial video depicting South Park Then and Now.
Landscape Architecture & Design

Watch: Conference on Olmsted Campus Design 

Frederick Law Olmsted and the Olmsted firm had an outsized influence on campus design, undertaking more than 400 commissions over a period of 100 years. In 2021, experts and practitioners examined this fertile field in a national conference recorded on C-SPAN.
Research & Writings

Olmsted in Seattle 

In this program, Jennifer Ott examines the enduring work of John Charles Olmsted in Seattle, WA.
Olmsted & the Olmsted Firm

Creating a Seaside Wellness Trail at Bridgeport’s Seaside Park

In this richly–illustrated program, viewers learn more about Olmsted and Vaux’s only marine park in Bridgeport, CT.
Olmsted in the Arts

Painting Central Park: A Walk Through the Park with Artists

Roger F. Pasquier has been a regular visitor to Central Park since he was a baby in a perambulator. He is an art historian and ornithologist and author of several books, including Painting Central Park (Vendome Press 2015), which discusses and illustrates the rich history of artists depicting the park.
Olmsted & the Olmsted Firm

Arnold Arboretum Celebrates 150!  

Arnold Arboretum celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2022. They celebrated this milestone with a wide array of public activities and events.