Friends of Terwilliger 

Friends of Terwilliger is a volunteer-led non-profit dedicated to protecting and enhancing the historic and scenic character of Terwilliger Parkway, a tree-lined linear park in SW Portland over 100 years old.  

Friends of Terwilliger started informally about 30 years ago to oppose a proposed apartment complex adjacent to the Parkway. In time it became a formal non-profit organization with a mission to protect the natural character and scenic beauty of the Terwilliger Parkway corridor. FOT has been instrumental in getting over 190 acres along the Parkway preserved as open space. Within the last 10 years, FOT has focused more on habitat and watershed restoration along the parkway. They have been active in the West Willamette Restoration Partnership and have removed countless acres of ivy.  


The Olmsted Network

Our organization works with partners across the globe to champion Olmsted parks and places.