Throughout the bicentennial, the National Association for Olmsted Parks (NAOP) has served at the helm of Olmsted 200, partnering with hundreds of organizations to renew interest and appreciation in the work and principles of Frederick Law Olmsted. From coast to coast, and even across the pond, FLO’s 200th birthday has been the catalyst for new public education efforts and community improvements. 

Olmsted 200 has sparked a rededication to local landscapes. At the same time, it has helped focus on the vision behind those landscapes – visions and principles that NAOP has championed since its founding in 1980. 

The momentum from Olmsted 200— along with a growing list of partners and supporters— inspired NAOP to review its 40 year history and explore its future, asking important questions about mission, brand and relevance.  After a major strategic planning process, the organization has decided to become the Olmsted Network.  

This new name is designed to reflect the broad and inclusive nature of NAOP’s growing movement. Hundreds of Olmsted parks and places, scholars and authors, conservancies, preservationists, urban planners, landscape architects, national organizations, and community groups have come together—alongside NAOP— to advance Olmsted work and principles.

Rebranding to the Olmsted Network also reinforces a commitment to service and partnership with the Olmsted-affiliated people, places, and organizations NAOP works with on a daily basis. While the name is changing, rest assured that the organization’s focus on advocacy, stewardship and education remains the same. 

Between now and when Olmsted 200 concludes  in April 2023, there will be a series of changes to logos, emails, social media, websites, and other materials. Slowly but surely, NAOP will become the Olmsted Network, taking all the knowledge gained from Olmsted 200 to build a bigger and better organization. 

Until then, please continue to tune in to and to learn more about Frederick Law Olmsted and his living legacy. Together, through Olmsted 200 and the Olmsted Network, Olmsted’s landscapes and vision of parks for all people will continue to be amplified and celebrated.